Oat Bran Muffins



Do you know the muffin man? You know, the one that lives on Drury lane! No stress if you don’t, I have a super easy and delicious muffin recipe that anyone can make. You can be your own muffin man 😉 Continue reading →

Triple Coconut Granola



Everyone always says breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, do you ever struggle with what to make? Do you every lack inspiration, don’t have time or an appetite for anything? Don’t stress – these are the moments when granola saves the morning! Make a large batch at the beginning of the week and keep it in an airtight container either on the contour or in the fridge.  Switch up the flavour pairings and have fun with spices. Granola will become your new best friend. Continue reading →

Easy Oatmeal Breakfast




September means back to school, back to routine and back to chaos in the morning! Trying to get everyone ready and fed a good breakfast before getting out the door can be a difficult task. There never seems to be enough time in the mornings! I have the perfect solution for busy families, workaholics and college students that value sleep more than anything! Easy overnight oatmeal that’s ready when you are. Spare 3 minutes before bed and you have the most delicious and easy breakfast waiting for you in the morning – it’s like having magic breakfast elves that work while you sleep 🙂 The  oats transform into the creamiest breakfast porridge perfect for busy, on the go individuals. Continue reading →

Peach & Blueberry Crisp



August is peach season here in Canada, which means eating at least one peach a day for the entire month! 🙂 I can’t get enough of ripe peaches, but sometimes you get a little too ambitious at the farmers market and buy more peaches than you can manage. This only means it’s peach crisp time!! No better time than fruit crisp time! Continue reading →

Frozen “Hot Chocolate” Smoothie 

I love a good smoothie but there are days I don’t feel like having the classic fruit based smoothie. I want something at little more indulgent and rich. Something that feels more like dessert! This frozen hot chocolate smoothie has it all. The decedent smoothie you can still call breakfast.  Continue reading →

Protein Cafe Mocha 

Warm weather is coming which means it’s time to start enjoying those frozen drinks we all love. I’ve got the perfect morning beverage that combines morning coffee and smoothie – it’s my protein cafe mocha. With a caffeine punch from organic coffee and blood sugar balancing fat and protein it’s the perfect two in one morning recipe.  Continue reading →