Homemade Almond Milk



Freshly made almond milk beats the store bought kind any day. If you haven’t tried fresh almond milk you need to stop what you’re doing and make some right now! Im not kidding. It’s so delicious!

I got a little fancy this time and made two flavoured milks – matcha and chocolate. But i also love vanilla cinnamon and plain – I haven’t had a fresh, homemade milk I haven’t liked.  Continue reading →

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies



As many of you have probably figured out I LOVE COOKIES! I am for sure a modern day cookie monster. Sometimes a girl just needs a cookie (or a tray of cookies). Continue reading →

Creamy Veggie Dip



It’s almost BBQ season, which means lots of gatherings with friends, dinners outside and river side picnics. A veggie tray loaded with crips seasonal vegetables and a creamy dip makes the perfect addition to any summer party. Continue reading →

Oat Bran Muffins



Do you know the muffin man? You know, the one that lives on Drury lane! No stress if you don’t, I have a super easy and delicious muffin recipe that anyone can make. You can be your own muffin man 😉 Continue reading →

Simple Fresh Wellness



Picture the life you’d most like to live. What does that look like? For me it’s a combination of many things. Having time to be relaxed, taking long drives through the country, stopping at road side stands, meandering through apple orchards and spending time in the sunshine with my puppy. It includes spending time with family and loved ones. Taking trips near and far. Enjoying adventures and making the most out of each day. I would wake with the sun instead of the harsh beep of an alarm clock. My days would be filled with walks, recipe creating, building my business, and the occasional cat nap 🙂 My work life would allow me to collaborate with like minded people – I would work with brands I respect and love, develop nourishing recipes and share my passion for health and wellness. I would spend my evenings with my loving family and the occasional outing. Continue reading →

Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up

Super Bowl is this weekend, which means appetizers and game day food are on the brain. I’ve rounded up some of the blogs best game day inspired recipes to make an epic sports bar inspired menu. Make this Super Bowl menu the best one yet!


Tex Mex Tacos 

Tacos are the perfect crowd pleaser. Build a taco bar with all the fixings and let everyone create their own masterpieces.

Continue reading →