Sweet Corn with Parsley Cashew Drizzle



Corn isn’t something I eat often, but it’ hard to refuse local corn when it’s in season. In my opinion, August corn is the best! Barbecued, smothered in butter, or tossed in a salad – the sweet crunch is a favourite flavour summer. Continue reading →

Creamy Kale Salad



Spring is on it’s way! The suns rising earlier, the birds are chirping and the flowers are starting to poke through the frost covered ground. I can feel the change happening and am soooo ready! This winter might not have been the worst but it was cold and the winds have been bone chilling. The days have been dark and gloomy and I am ready for some sunshine on my face. Spring has so much to offer but most of all it means we are one step closer to farmer’s market season! Yay!! Continue reading →

Lentil Chickpea Curry



Cold winter weather gets me craving warm comfort food. Lately I’ve been really into Indian food, different curry’s and things like butter chicken and Tikka Masala. I’m no expert when it comes to more exotic flavours, but I do like to play around with spices and explore new dishes. I’m calling this one a lentil chickpea curry although I’m not sure that’s technically correct. Any who, It’s my version of Indian food and no matter what it’s called – it’s delicious! Continue reading →

Chickpea “chicken” Sandwich



The sandwich is a stable when it comes to school lunches, picnics and even tea parties and family reunions. There always seems to be some form of sandwich on the table (or blanket 🙂 ). Everything from the humble cucumber sandwich to the crowd pleasing sub. You can’t go wrong with a sandwich! Continue reading →

Almond Flour Pizza



I don’t think I have ever met anyone who doesn’t like pizza! It’s one of those universal go to comfort foods. The delivery guy you call after a long work week when you don’t feel like cooking or the late night stop after the bar.  I know not every one can handle eating the conventional wheat and yeast based crust which is why I created this delicious almond flour based version. It has a great texture and holds together allowing you to pick it up to devour – no fork and knife necessary! Continue reading →

Superfood Flat Bread




Blend of nutrition packed ingredients, healthy fats and fibre this flat bread is the perfect satisfier of any cracker or bread craving! No refined carbs or overly processed ingredients here, just whole food ingredients mixed to make a delicious and versitile flat bread. Continue reading →