Grain-Free Skillet Cookie



Over the past month or so, I’ve been trying to reduce my consumption of grains. I know. You might be thinking I’m crazy, but as a Nutritionist I’m big on listening to your body and eating the foods that make you thrive. For me, that means more veggies and protein, and less processed flours. This might not happen 100 percent of the time, but that’s okay. Life is about balance and enjoying the journey – especially if you’re a dessert daydreamer like me. Continue reading →

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Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes



As you already know desserts are my favourite thing to create in the kitchen. I definitely have a bigger sweet tooth than salty. But I also love a good pucker and a cold glass of  homemade lemonade on a hot summer day. This got me thinking. What if I combined my two loves, dessert and lemonade. And that’s how these sweet and tangy beauties were born. I present to you, the raspberry lemonade cupcake! In my opinion the perfect dessert! Continue reading →

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Zucchini Bread



Any one growing their own veggies? Is your garden thriving this year? My garden is exploding with zucchini! It seems like there is a new zucchini every day. They grow out of control before I have time to pick them. I’m not complaining, I love gardening, but this year has been a zucchini lovers paradise. Anyone want a zucchini? Continue reading →

Coconut Milk Popsicles



Popsicles are always a childhood favourite. Remember hearing that familiar song of the ice cream truck, running around the house to find your parents and some money, and then chasing the truck down the street with all the other neighbourhood kids? Since it might not be acceptable for me to chase down the ice cream truck anymore I’ve created a more grown up version of this summer childhood favourite. Actually, I created 2 versions. Cause you can never just have one popsicle 😉  Continue reading →

Vanilla Chai Smoothie



Smoothies are one of my favourite breakfasts, especially on hot summer mornings. But sometimes you get board of the same old fruit or chocolate smoothie. The world of smoothies is so exciting, it’s a shame to stick to the same mix every morning, no matter how delicious it is. Lately I’ve been trying to stay away from the world of fruit smoothies in the hopes of consuming less sugar. Not sure how the less sugar thing is going, but I’m trying. Continue reading →

Raw Protein Cookie Dough Bar



I’m sure everyone has figured out I have a giant sweet tooth. I will take a cookie over a burger any  day. I LOVE creating (and eating) sweet recipes! I’m not going to apologize for this thing some might call a sweet addiction, but I have decided to play around with some new ingredients and create recipes that will satisfy anyones sweet tooth while packing a big nutrition punch. Continue reading →