Strawberry & Mango Kombucha Slushy



Every party needs a signature drink….right? I think so! This strawberry and mango kombucha slushy is perfect for the coming summer months. It’s a party in a glass and tastes delicious virgin or boozed up. The perfect crowd pleaser. Continue reading →

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie



When it comes to pumpkin spice everyone is obsessed with the pumpkin spice latte. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good pumpkin spice latte, but a lot of the time it’s made with fake ingredients and doesn’t actually contain any pumpkin! Instead of drinking artificial beverages all season why not treat  yourself to a delicious pumpkin spice smoothie. Made with nourishing ingredients and REAL pumpkin!! Prefer a warm beverage? Skip the ice and heat in a sauce pan after blending with some brewed coffee. You’ll be enjoying a creamy pumpkin latte in no time! Continue reading →

Apple Cranberry Cider



Festive cocktails are generally favoured during the summer months with parties, bbq’s and weddings – but why not make a festive fall cocktail to take you through the holiday season? Fall cocktails make the perfect signature drink for Thanksgiving or the many holiday gatherings around the Christmas season. The flavours can carry you through the winter and add that special touch to your next event. Continue reading →

Frozen “Hot Chocolate” Smoothie 

I love a good smoothie but there are days I don’t feel like having the classic fruit based smoothie. I want something at little more indulgent and rich. Something that feels more like dessert! This frozen hot chocolate smoothie has it all. The decedent smoothie you can still call breakfast.  Continue reading →

Hibiscus Orange Sparkling Iced Tea 

Tea is normally top of mind in the winter months but can loose steam when the summer months and warm weather arrive. This doesn’t have to be the case. Tea offers a broad range of health benefits that should be enjoyed all year around.  Continue reading →

Protein Cafe Mocha 

Warm weather is coming which means it’s time to start enjoying those frozen drinks we all love. I’ve got the perfect morning beverage that combines morning coffee and smoothie – it’s my protein cafe mocha. With a caffeine punch from organic coffee and blood sugar balancing fat and protein it’s the perfect two in one morning recipe.  Continue reading →